The First and Original Home Safety Program
Helping Safety-Conscious Families Since 1988!

Obviously, dangerous household appliances and tools should be kept out of the reach of children. But what happens when your curious child encounters something that could cause serious harm - something you thought was safely put away? It happens. For that reason, OUCHY was created; and with your help, the OUCHY Child Safety Sticker and Home Safety Program acts as a constant reminder to STAY AWAY and DON'T TOUCH!

The OUCHY Child Safety Sticker and Home Safety Program is an innovative safety program which teaches children about household safety. Children watch while a parent or another adult places an OUCHY sticker on dangerous household objects while the entire family follows the "Safety Walkthrough". Children soon learn to STAY AWAY from OUCHY.

Why does your family need to implement the OUCHY Child Safety Sticker Program? Because "One Preventable Accident is ONE TOO MANY!"